Research & genealogy

Genealogy and History enquiries

The Museum can help with local genealogy or history enquiries.  Staff can undertake this research on your behalf for an initial research fee of $20 or you can enquire about doing your own research in the Eunice Cullen Library and reference room at $5 per hour.  There is a charge for general photocopying when undertaking own research.

The Museum has over 16,000 records covering four main sections: objects, photographs, archives, and library which includes original documents, cemetery records, out of print books, maps, microfilms and newspapers cuttings.  

Photos printed from our archives cost $15 per digital item and $5 per A4 printed item.  Photocopies can be made of certain archive items also at a charge of $1 per A4 page. 

Get in touch or come and see us at the Museum, we are open 7 days a week.

Further research 

Another great resource for genealogy and local history enquiries is the Te Aroha Library at 43 Rewi Street.   Staff are knowledgeable and can help direct you to resources either in the library or on-line.