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Te Aroha calendars full of local pictures, in sepia,  on special at just $12.00 each.

Te Aroha Spa Poster, produced by the Lands & Survey Department towards the end of the 19th Century and drawn by William Deverell. Plain posters are $20.00 each or laminated $30.00 each.

*You can see pictures in the Gallery Section of these items.

Te Aroha & District Museum is located in the Cadman Bathhouse, The Domain, Te Aroha and was the first building built especially for Tourists - "The birth place of tourism in New Zealand".
The Cadman Bathhouse, named after A.J. Cadman, Member of Parliament, was opened on 24 May 1898, the same day as Queen Victoria’s birthday.
There were 19 bathrooms, one of which you can still see as it was then. You can observe where all the bathrooms were by looking at the ceiling vents. The vents are connected to the chimney like structures that are in visible from outside.
In 1971 Te Aroha Mayor, Henry Skidmore, started the museum, which is still growing and developing today. At this time, the museum has over 9000 entries entered in its Past Perfect database, which we estimate to be nearly 50% of our artefact collection, and we have 75% of our collection on display at any one time.
*Te Aroha Domain is the only complete Edwardian Domain in New Zealand.



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